Sino-Danish Renewable Energy Development Programme

Here is yet another example of an inter-state collaboration on renewable energy. As the Danes have been one of the world leaders in developing wind technology, it would make sense in the context of Chinese technology transfer strategy. For the Danes it is market access. So in this case is it the market for technology swap? Many have gone down this road…

The Sino-Danish Renewable Energy Development Programme (RED) is a five-year programme (2009-2013), jointly developed by the Chinese and Danish governments. It is aimed at institutional capacity building and technology innovation for renewable energy development. The agreement between the governments of the People’s Republic of China and of the Kingdom of Demark regarding Renewable Energy Development (RED) was signed by the Ministry of Commerce, P.R. China, and the Royal Embassy of Demark on December 2008. The funding by the Danish government totals 100 million Danish Kroner (equivalent to about 130 million RMB). The National Energy Administration, P. R. China, is the national executing agency.

via About RED.


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